Klemptner Bros. Salvage Yard

I used to play with a neighbor kid and his dad was one of the owners of Klempner Brothers Inc. that was a salvage yard.  Even though salvage yards have been done to death on model railroads I wanted one on mine.  I added a “t” in the Klempner to make it Klemptner to avoid any legal battles since Klempner is still in business in Louisville, KY.

I’ve outlined the process on the yard on the Model Railroad Hobbyist website and won’t repeat it here; however, if you’d like to look at my blog on the construction then click HERE.

Here are some pictures of the yard as of 10-31-16:


SalvageYdOverview_10-31-16 (2)

SalvageYdOverview_10-31-16 (3) SalvageYdOverview_10-31-16 (1) SalvageYrScrapPile_10-30-16 SalvageYdPile_10-29-16 (3)