A Sad Story

PLEASE NOTE:  This is historical information as the railroad has been torn down and no longer exists.


Since we are selling our home I’m faced with the process of tearing down the railroad.  Our Realtor thinks that it’s a good idea to leave it up as it makes our home easier to remember at the “train house” when prospective buyers are looking at so many homes.  Of course I like the Realtor’s idea as it means that I can still enjoy my railroad until that day comes……or so I thought.

The other day I put a chair in the train room and just let the trains run – something that used to bring me great joy.  But this day was different.  I’m reminded of the saying “dead man walking” for a convict that is facing the ticking clock on the countdown for his execution.  As the trains traveled through the hand made scenery it was a very sad experience – and I thought “dead trains running”.  After about only 5 minutes I shut the trains down, turned out the lights and said a sad “goodbye” to the Richlawn Railroad.

I’m now thinking why even keep the railroad?  I might just as well go ahead and tear it all down and get it over with, for the joy is gone.  A very sad story indeed.


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    Rick, That is happenning to me Right Now. I´m Changing from city to city (Cortazar, Gto). To Irapuato (Guanajuato, Mexico). (1 Hour far away Driving). But any way. I start Thinking. How i´m going to take my lay out with me. I don´t want to Destroy my Trains Scenery. So. I started cutting all pieces of wood and taking those small parts in my car and taking them with me. Right Now I´m in the prosses of Re-Construction of it. I´will send to you some Pictures of all the work that it takes, because I love my Trains.
    Trains that my Father gave me when I was 8 Years old. Now I´m 53 Years Old and I still loving my Toys.

    • Rick says:

      Felipe, Moving is always challenging and in my case going from 1,700 square feet available to only 120 square feet was a shock. I have found that I still enjoy model railroading even with the small layout.

      I wish you success in your move and know that you, too will enjoy your layout in your new location.


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