Palmer Structure

I’m working on landscaping the area around the Palmer structure and added a drainage ditch behind the building complete with water, cat tails, trees, bushes, grass and weeds.


Here’s a short video of the animation of the roll-up door:

I am currently building the Palmer Asbestos building that I remember as a child.  I’m not trying to re-create it exactly and thus I’m kitbashing the Walther’s “Gas Plant” structure.  The structure features an electric servo operated overhead door and a detailed interior.  It’s a work in process.


Since the interior will be visible I’ve added some detail to make things a little more interesting.

PalmerInteriorThere is lots more work to do including the landscape around the structure

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  1. Jack Barnett says:

    Man that looks great, especially the weathering! what are u using for the overhead door?

    • Rick says:

      Thank you for your kind words. The door is a piece of Plastruct corrugated siding (styrene) Walther’s part number # 570-91509. To make it more flexible I sanded the back of it to the point where it almost separated the corrugations and then I applied a piece of clear packing tape to the back to keep it together. I’ve yet to paint and weather the door and still have more work to do to the structure.

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