4. Track Plan (rough)

A model railroader friend of mine, Howard Y. is working on my track plan which is a modified HOG (Heart of Georgia) layout originally created by Scott Perry.  It is in process and most certainly will be changing in the future.

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  1. Rob Dove says:


    I was looking at track plans on the MR website today to use as design elements for my future layout and ran across an 8×8 plan called the Georgia southern in ho scale and thought of you. The opening in the center of the room is smaller than what you need, how ever if you made it 2 feet bigger in each direction it might just work for you. It has several places to switch, a good spot for Buck and Loretta’s and a twice around plan with a bit of staging. There are a few bridges and a water feature as well. I just thought of you and John Armstrong saying it is much easier to expand a small plan than to shrink down a big one.

    If this thing has some possibilities it might solve some problems for your train room / office. I also could not help thinking even the name was a knock off of the heart of Georgia layout.

    Your internet friend

    • Rick says:

      Rob, thank you for your comment. I had actually considered the Georgia Southern and decided that although it is a great plan it was a little too much railroad for my combo office / layout room. I need a fairly large open area for my roll out desk and for visitors & operators.

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