Proto = the real thing

I’ve purchased a number of slides that I’ve had digitized and although it’s not model railroading, it is 1 to 1 scale.¬†¬†Many of the pictures I don’t have any information, but they do bring back memories!

Got smoke? Alco #1330 belching it out getting up to speed.




L&N #405








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  1. Ken Watson says:

    I live in Madisonville, TN and am looking for a model train club. What is the best way to do this. I have been a fan of the L&N for over 40 years. I am going to “do the L&N” as my layout so I was very interested in your article and layout. I even have some of the early “Family Lines” magazines when the L&N was a part of that. I have followed most of the mergers along the way. It is truly a fascinating RailRoad.


    • Rick says:


      Welcome!!! I’m a member of the Piedmont Division of the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association). At one of their meeting I asked about finding a local club and they directed me to the North County Interchange Operation Group (NCIOG). I’ve been a member of that group and they are great! I would suggest that you find the nearest NMRA group and attend a meeting, or if you can’t find a group contact them on their website.

      Ken, it’s great to have another “L&Ner” and I hope that I can help you when ever possible. My layout isn’t prototypical; however, perhaps I can help you in other ways. I wish you well with your layout!

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