PLEASE NOTE:  This is historical information as the railroad has been torn down and no longer exists.

This video is of a mini ops session in my new alcove addition.
What could be better than model railroading? – REAL railroading!  I recently got to take a cab ride (my first) on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway’s GP9 locomotive.

This is a video run through of the layout as of 9-28-11 with proto sounds added.

This is a video taken at Irondale, AL when I attended the 2009 SER Convention.

Here’s a 360 video of the train room as of July 25, 2011:

Alcove 360


A run through of the alcove area as of June 2011.

Progress in the mountain area is covered in this video and shows some of the features in more detail.

This video is a test of my new Veho MUVI micro camcorder and gives is a first try on using a mask to attempt to give a “from the cab” view of the layout.

The on-board micro camcorder give a view of the layout not able to be seen from the aisles.

I did a information video on using Forced Perspective to make your layout look bigger for Model Railroad Hobbist magazine.

I stopped by Irondale on the way back from the Southeastern convention of the NMRA for lunch and some train watching.  It was a fun time!

It’s only 11 seconds long, but its a nice shot from my back yard of two Louisville & Nashville locos headed West thru St Matthews, Ky just passing Hubbards Ln (N38 15.456 / W85 38.515) sometime in the 50’s. My Dad shot the 8mm tape (my sister still has the original somewhere).

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