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As a boy I grew up in St. Matthews, Kentucky in a small subdivision named Richlawn during the 60’s watching the L&N trains that passed just 200 feet in back of my house.  I had a small model railroad that my Father helped me build when I was 8 years old and I’ve always been fascinated by trains.  After much thought I decided to try and recreate the time and location of my fond childhood memories and so the Richlawn Railroad was born.

***** UPDATE *****

The Richlawn Railroad has been torn down and it no longer exist as we moved to a new home.

The new Richlawn Railroad V2 is under construction in our new Florida home.  It is a “around the room” shelf style layout and of course still features the L&N.

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  1. Jim Dixon says:

    Hi Rick
    I like your new website and just subscribed. Being mostly a model builder, I always like looking at your structures. And of course we both grew up watching L&N trains(me in Mobile). I also have a question – I lost all of my tools in a move and am having to restock. On your old blog you mentioned ehobby tools. I liked their prices and the FREE shipping – Are they still a good supplier?
    numbersmgr from MRH

    • Rick says:


      It’s good to hear from you and thanks for subscribing! It’s always nice to find another fan of “The Old Reliable”. I haven’t bought anything recently from ehobby tools, so I am going to assume that they’re still great.

      By the way, my website is still under construction and I’m looking for input on what visitors would like to see on the site. If you’ve got any suggestions I would love to hear them.

      Best wishes,

      • jim dixon says:

        As it’s been over 25 years since I built a model, I am playing catch-up. There is so many new techniques and materials. So far me seeing your “how to’s” and your tips are very beneficial. I find that I get more out of the photo spreads than the videos. I think it is because I can study the photos for as long as I want, whereas the videos go by so fast.
        Your tip about the Hobby Lobby coupons has helped a lot towards my restocking. Thanks – I’m looking forward to learning more. One day I hope to have a layout and website like your too.
        Thank you for sharing

        • Rick says:


          Thank you for your email and kinds words! It’s very gratifying to see that people find the information helpful as I’m a great believer of helping others. I learned almost everything I know about model railroading from other sharing their knowledge. The main thing about the hobby is to have FUN!


  2. Barry Laws (aka Barry Oz MRH) says:

    It is with great interest that I follow your posts in MRH along with many others.

    I am just a beginner when it comes to model railroading, with my wife (Faye) consent we have designated a room in the house in which I can build a model railroad. There is one condition, that a bed be in the room in the event of visitors.

    I would most likely design and build a freemo layout, incorporating a logging setup with scratch built structures and scenery.I have some model engines and rolling stock.
    I will start a blog on MRH that will record my progress. At prestent the room has been painted a blue colour called Endless Sky.

    Next step is to paint some clouds on the walls, then start building.


    • Rick says:

      I appreciate your following my progress both on the Model Railroader Hobbyist website and here. Just about everything that I’ve learned about modeling has been from reading how others do things. I, too, have a consenting wife that also helps me on the railroad with scenery and advice and she is a great help! I look forward to following your progress on your blog!

  3. Jim Dixon (numbersmgr from MRH says:

    Hi Rick
    I subscribed to your site in May (I think I was #2).
    I am not getting email notices of your site posting. I reentered my email address just now and your site said I was already registered so I know it was entered correctly. Of course I follow all of your posting on MRH, so this email notice is probably redundant for me, but I wanted to let you know that this part of your website may not be working like it should. Just thought you might want to check on it.
    Keep on tracking

    • Rick says:


      Thank you for letting me know about the auto email issue. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not getting notifications. I’m going to contact my website administrator and advise him of the problem and hopefully get a resolution.


    • Rick says:

      Have you been getting emails about the site updates on Richlawn Railroad? I know that it wasn’t working in the past. Thanks, Rick

  4. Lee says:

    Greetings! After many years away from the hobby I have finally got the space for my “dream” layout. I see your mains are 30″ and you are using plywood base roadbed. My designs are looking like 36 or 40″ minimums and I have concerns thats just too big to effectively use 4×8 plywood sheets without way too many seams (not to mention waste) So i’m researching spline roadbed as it seems to be more advantageous on large sweeping curves. Your thoughts?

    • Rick says:

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear you are getting back in the hobby! A friend of mine uses Masonite spline roadbed and swears by it. Joe Fugate covers the process in his videos which I highly recommend. When I expand into my unfinished basement I’m going to use the spline roadbed method.

  5. Lee says:

    Thanks for the info. LOL. I had JUST ordered the 5 video set of his 2 days ago from model-trains-video.com, so I guess i’ll see it all! Too bad my daughter is visiting home from college next weekend. I would have made a trip down from Nashville to see yours as part of the Piedmont tour.. Thanks again. Lee

  6. Ken Watson says:

    This is great stuff. The layout is sensational. I’m just getting back into HO after a 40 year absence. I have always been a fan of the L&N. I now live in Tennessee just north of Etowah where there was a L&N yard.. I am gathering info on this part of the L&N trackage. It seems to be slow going. I know I want to model the roundhouse in Loyisville but can’t seem to find any good photos of it. The roundhouse in Etowah, which was not round but rectangular, was torn down years ago. I believe it was when CSX took over.
    I am always looking for info and have ordered some of Ron Flanery’s books.
    Enough for now,

    • Rick says:


      Thank you for your kind words! If you’re ever in the North Georgia area please contact me to drop by – we’ll run some trains! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on your layout. As far as books, I suggest that you join the Louisville & Nashville Historical Society as they are a great resource including books. Check out their website.


  7. Frank Cullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    This is to confirm email updates from your site. I really enjoy your articles.

    Frank Cullen

  8. Tom Patterson says:

    Hi Rick-

    I just subscribed to your site, and I look forward to getting e-mail updates. I’ve enjoyed following your threads on MRH and will be following your progress on the layout.

    Hope you and your family have a great 2012!

    Tom Patterson

    • Rick says:


      Welcome, and thank you for subscribing to my site. I enjoy your postings on MRH and hope that you and your family have a Happy New Year!


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