0. Video

May 31st, 2016 – I created a video that follows the progress from the beginning to March 2016:

May 5th, 2016 – Misti Mountain build stop action video:

January 3rd, 2015 – This is the initial test run of my doodlebug.



June 16, 2014 – Here’s a short (45 seconds) video showing a quick run by of an F7 past an area with some of my scenery.


November 10, 2013 – This is a short video showing progress to date on the room and current work on track laying.


2 Responses to 0. Video

  1. Ron Ferrel says:

    I like your water feature below Misti Mountain. I want to model Puget Sound along the Great Northern Railway and you colors that remind me of tan beach sand around your islands grading to an olive green at depth remind me of Puget Sound colors more than anything I’ve found so far. I discovered your photos in an MRH question title “Water Scares Me”. That is the same feeling I’ve had for years and why my model hasn’t yet been attempted. I’m unsure of what approach I want to take so intend to do a side by side test of an epoxy resin pour of some depth with acrylic waves vs just painting the colors ala Dave Frary again with acrylic waves. Dave’s colors of black, dark blue and dark brown just don’t look like Puget Sound to me, whereas yours do.

    • Rick says:

      Thank you, Ron. I practiced and practiced off of the layout and documented the colors and techniques that I used until I was satisfied with the results. I love the way water looks!

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