PLEASE NOTE:  This is historical information as the railroad has been torn down and no longer exists.

Scale / Style:  HO Freelance

Era: 1960’s & 70’s

Locaton: Kentucky & Southeast

Benchwork: Mostly L-girder with joists & risers.  The Matthews Freight Yard is 1/2″ plywood with 1/8″ cork.

Roadbed:  Sub-roadbed is 1/2″ plywood with Midwest cork.

Track:  152 ft total of Atlas Flextrak Code 100 in the freight yard with Atlas and Micro Engineering Flextrak Code 83 for the mainline.  Track is glued with caulk adhesive to the cork with turnouts held in place with nails.

Turnouts: Atlas and Walthers controlled by Tortise machines and Caboose Industries manual sprung controls.

Control:  Digitrax Zepher with UT402 duplix wireless Cab,UT4 wireless cab, loconet, and JMRI DecoderPro using a laptop computer.

Scenery:  Combination of cardboard web with plaster cloth and foam.  Rocks are hand-carved.  Backdrop in the freight yard is from Backdrop Warehouse.  The backdrop in the alcove area is an artist painted custom mural.

Structures:  Combination of commerical kits from DPM, Walthers, Atlas and others plus kitbashed and scratchbuilt.

Room Lighting: 85 watt floodlights in recessed “cans” spaced approximately 4 feet apart over the layout.

2 Responses to Specifications

  1. Hi-
    I’ve admired your layout for a couple of years now since I discovered it on MRH.

    Question: What kind of room lighting do you use? All of your photos have a sunlike “punch” that Charlie C and JoeF mention in photo threads. Even your videos have a nice, bright even light.
    (Forgive me if you have covered this. I’ve searched your site and MRH’s.)

    Thank you.


    • Rick says:


      My room is lit with 85 watt floodlights in “cans”. They are spaced about every 4 feet on center over the layout. I plan on adding track lights with blue light for night running. And….you didn’t miss it as I’ve never covered that in any of my MRH postings. Thanks for your interest!


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